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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Polenta in soup or cholent

Shifra asks (heh!):

How does polenta hold up in cholent anyway, does it stay together or

just thicken up the whole stew?

Both. Some of the polenta falls apart, and makes the stew thicker, but lots of chunks, which haven't fallen apart, remain as discernable chunks.

I have only been using polenta in soups and cholents for the past few weeks. I used to sautee it, but for the longest time, they haven't been carrying polenta at KMP (Kosher MarketPlace). A few weeks ago, they started carrying it again, and something possessed me to put it into a soup. It worked!

Oh, so THAT'S what that was? :-P

Did you like it (at least before the 24 hours of cooking made it too intense)?
hi I do a lot of cooking but I am not quite sure what polenta is?
See here: polenta.
I would have liked it if i knew to expect it.
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