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Saturday, January 14, 2006

And it turns out you CAN have chicken soup for Shabbat Lunch....

Just leave it in a pot on the plata (large Israeli electric hot plate with no adjusting button, for the folks keeping score at home.) It works out fine, I promise.

Shabbos Lunch Chicken Soup (works for dinner too)
Take 4 meaty chicken bottom quarters, skinned and with the lumps of fat pulled off. Fill the biggest pot you have with water and set it on the flame. Add the chicken. While its coming to a boil, peel 4 carrots and wash a largish leek as well as a few decent-looking celery ribs, cut these into substantial chunks, the kind you would like to see in a bowl someday. Ditto with zuchinnis (which I don't peel) and potatoes, and you can throw in some turnips and parsnips- peeled of course. You can also throw in dill and parsley leaves and/or stems. Add 2 quartered onions, peeled if you want a lighter broth, unpeeled if you want a richer color. Also about 10 peppercorns. Let this come to a simmer but DONT let it boil over if you want a gorgeous clear broth. Once its been cooking for a while add some salt. You can serve this either for dinner or lunch, or both.

Served with:
Roasted butternut squash (chunked, seeded, olive-oiled and ovened at 425 untill pokeable)
M'jedra (brown rice and lentils with fried onions)
Whole wheat challah.

Sorry I haven't been posting recently. I haven't been cooking very much recently.

(Though efsher I'll post my chicken soup recipe some time soon.)
So you're telling me you put this up before shabbat and leave it on the blech until lunch?
exactly! and it comes out great :-)
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