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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Badger Badger Badger Soup! (Post the answer to the Joke if you get it....)

Really good for veggie shabbos guests, its filling enough that they wont feel starved eating kugel, salad, and challah if you've mde this. Non-veggie people like it too.

2 boxes white button mushrooms
1 box portobello mushrooms
2 cups red wine
a small bunch of fresh parsley
olive oil
1/2 a head of garlic
baby lentils
3 large green onions

slice up the mushrooms into thin and manageable chunks and toss into your big soup pot. clean the parsley and the green onions and skin and press the garlic. Toss this in, and add a healthy splash of olive oil and let it start sauteeing. (you can also use leeks or regular onions, btw) Clean the parsley and coarsely chop the leaves. Save the stems for stock or something else. Add the parsley, the capers, grind in some pepper and toss in some salt and oregano. When the mushrooms are cooked and fragrant and starting to evaporate most of the juice theyve thrown off, deglaze the stuck-on bits in the pot with the wine and fill up the rest of the pot with water. Bring back to a simmer and toss in about 1/2 or 2/3 of a cup of baby lentils. Cook this untill all the flavors are blended, not harsh, the lentils should be tender and the soup shouldnt taste of alcohol. Long simmering improves matters further, kol hamarbeh, harei ze meshubach.

I don't get it!
the soup sounds good though...
google the phrase "Badger Badger Badger". Good for a few giggles.
that is the most bizarre thing!!!! Does it ever end, or change?
OOOOH IT'S A SNAAAKE - oh wait, that's treyf. :P
The soup sounds good!! But the recipe is not very clear!

Can you write about it again?

This is Nancy from Israeli Uncensored News
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